La Maison d’Agir

Portrait of Agir

About Agir

I am a cartoonist, designer, editor and computer programmer from New York City. “Agir” is a nom de bande dessinée that I take because I share the French view of comics as Le Neuvième Art. I am not otherwise French, but I can say that if you really like comics, it's worth learning to read French just for the comics!

Ever since high school, when I first started to read comics seriously, I have been drawn to the idea of the graphic novel. Not just to those examples that you can find in bookstores today, but to the very idea of it.

What makes something a novel? Well, it has an arbitrary form and an arbitrary length. Also, it can be about anything. The only real restriction is that it be longer than a novella or novelette. But when I think of some of my favorite novels, I think of the deep immersion in the world of the book, whether it be Frankenstein, The Catcher in the Rye, or The Brothers Karamazov.

It is self-evident to me if not to everyone in the world that comics have enormous potential to immerse us deeply. I believe in the graphic novel as an artistic form. The idea of it is a quality block of marble that may conceal David.

So for me, the graphic novel is the project. It is not an overnight project; I and many other people have already been working on it for many years. Even if you don't draw, you can help us simply by reading more graphic novels! They represent the most vibrant examples of the storytelling art in the world today!