Matchlock Press

About Matchlock Press

Matchlock Press is a just-in-time publishing house specializing in fiction, comics, essays and criticism that are outside the current mainstream. Just-in-time means nimble and small. We use open-source software, print-on-demand and grassroots marketing to keep the focus on the shape, quality and longevity of our collection. We are a backlist publisher, and we value individual and original work that is built to last.

Our flagship periodical is Brain Fever, a digest-sized zine that is published quarterly. We believe strongly in the zine as a format distinct from other periodicals. The DIY ethos, the intimacy, and the absolute freedom of zines are qualities that we treasure on the battlefield of public discourse. Inside Brain Fever, you will find a lively mix of art and politics, fiction and nonfiction, sadness and humor and inspiration. Take a break from the wired world, and read something thoughtful and entertaining for a while. You'll feel better, believe me!