This is my official resignation from the Patriarchy. Over the course of my forty-odd-year life I have played nice, listened and smiled at men while they talked, allowed them to take up space that rightfully belonged to me, and in other ...Read More

Peter Schumann

Laid out on tables in the central room of the Queens Museum, sourdough rye bread with crusts like the rinds of a melon waited under faded blue towels for the presentation to conclude. These handsome rustic loaves had been baked ...Read More

Mail carrier

Should Walmart be exonerated for further befouling places even nature made foul? Secaucus is no Teotihuacán in Mexico, glorious pre-Columbian planned city, the largest on Earth at the time, a Unesco World Heritage Site upon which, atop still unearthed remains, ...Read More

Norman Mailer

The dead, though they lack all agency, can lose their reputations just as easily as the living. More easily, since the pull of entropy which had given them to the worms and the dirt of their graves, is now acting ...Read More

Rev. Rosemary Bray McNatt

In February of 2002, The New York Times reported that even the drug trade had responded to that Fall's attack, offering for its customers' delectation “Twin Towers” and “bin Laden” brand heroin complete with 9/11 related graphics on the glassine ...Read More

Protest marshal

In addition to fiery purpose, large numbers out in the streets, and full-throated chants that carry, a good protest needs good accessories, and this action had many such. There were little green caps, as sported by the eponymous source of ...Read More


Anyone who is personally familiar with the movement knows that since the days of the park, part of the Occupy experience is wandering around trying to find an action. Big groups headed out on marches constantly and if they were ...Read More

S17 walking tour

What is the significance of the international coterie of tourists who wait patiently in line to take their pictures with their heads between the Wall Street Bull's ass cheeks? Do they intend it only as naughty souvenir, or have they ...Read More

The Sticker Dude

As a matter of life practice, I recommend you put down a thing for twenty-five years or so, as I did with carob at the tail end of my childhood, and then try it again, accidentally and with no foreknowledge. ...Read More

Kermit and Joey

It is a surprised eye that notices, while watching an episode of Sesame Street from 1969, the pieces of trash in the gutters. It's a set after all. The trash could not have simply appeared the way that real trash ...Read More